Welcome to The Directorate of National  Cohesion and Values:

The Directorate of National Cohesion and Values was established in 2008 through Presidential Circular No.1 of May 2008 and operationalized in 2009 to spearhead the promotion of National Cohesion and Values. The mandate of the Directorate is grounded in Articles 4 and 10 of the Constitution on National Values and Principles of Governance and Article 131(2) c, d and e. The mandate of the Directorate augments the exercise of the Presidential authority and functions regarding the promotion of national unity, ethnic diversity, national values and social justice. The Directorate coordinates implementation of Sessional Papers No. 8 of 2013 on National Values and Principles of Governance and No. 9 of 2013 of National Cohesion and Integration.

Upcoming Events


The Directorate has organized to hold 5 days training workshops for Faith Based Leaders in the Eastern Region. The workshops are scheduled to take place in the month of May, 2017.


The Directorate has scheduled a 5 days training for focal point persons from MDAs  to take place on the month of May 2017.

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