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After the signing of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation Accord on 28th February, 2008, one of the long term issues identified under Agenda Item No. 4 was to consolidate national cohesion and unity. Subsequently, the Government through Presidential Circular No. 1 of May, 2008 assigned the then Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs an additional mandate to promote national cohesion under which  the Department of National Cohesion was established.

Following the promulgation of the Constitution in 2010, the mandate of the Department was expanded to include the promotion of national values and principles of governance espoused in Articles 4, 10 and 131(2) (c), (d) and (e). Under the latter two articles, the mandate of the Department enhances the exercise of the functions of H.E the President on the promotion of national unity, ethnic diversity, national values and social justice. After restructuring of the Government in 2013, the Department moved to the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and became the Directorate of National Cohesion and Values. The Directorate was later moved to the Executive Office of the President through Executive Order No. 1 of May, 2016.

The functions of the Directorate are anchored on the following legal and statutory documents:

  1. The Constitution;
  2. Kenya Vision 2030;
  3. The Medium Term Plan II, 2013 – 2017;
  4. The Medium Term Plan III, 2018 – 2022;
  5. The National Cohesion and Integration Act, 2008;
  6. The Truth Justice and Reconciliation Act, 2008;
  7. Sessional Paper No.8 of 2013 on National Values and Principles of Governance; and
  8. Sessional Paper No.9 of 2013 on National Cohesion and Integration.


A cohesive, values driven, united and prosperous nation


To spearhead the building of a harmonious, cohesive society with shared values through national cohesion and national values programmes


To spearhead and coordinate mainstreaming of national values, national reconciliation and healing in the Kenyan society through strategies and programmes that promote national cohesion and national values